Reach future customers on podcasts they love.

We're a Podcast PR agency for companies who want to be seen as a market leader. We’ll secure guest interviews on your audience's favorite podcasts, and help you make the biggest impact possible on them.

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You need to reach
the right listeners.
We’ll make it happen.

You need to reach customers with a message.

Maybe you need to show people that you’re the expert in your space. Or maybe you want to build trust and raise awareness, so you’re top of mind when they look for solutions.

That’s where we come in.

First, we’ll find out which shows your customers are listening to. Then we’ll get you placed as a guest on them, and help you impact their hearts and minds.
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We do everything, so you don't have to.


Get placed on better shows (and more of them).

We’ll help you craft your message in a way that best resonates with hosts and your audience so you get placed on more shows, and reach more of your target audience.

Avoid wasting time and money talking to the wrong audience.

We’ll identify the right shows for your team to guest on, and outline what makes them right. We’ll also ensure you don’t waste time talking to the wrong audience, or getting on the wrong show.

Help your speaker(s) stay on message, and feel comfortable.

A great podcast interview is a combination of art and science. So we’ll train your speaker or team on best practices, so they can have the best shot at giving the best interview that show has had.
Interview Planning

Make the biggest impact on listeners

Every show your speaker will appear on is different. That’s why we prepare them for each individual interview, so that they can be the best interview that show has ever had. They’ll make the biggest impact possible on that unique audience, and you’ll see the best results.
Podcast Relations

Ensure hosts love your brand (not hate it).

Spammy or careless pitches hurt your brand. At best, you end up in the trash. At worst, your brand leaves a bad taste in the host’s mouth (the same mouth that’s talking to your audience). So we bend over backwards to deliver [the best communications hosts have seen], that highlight your brand, not hurt it.
Publishing Tracking

Stay updated on all your interviews

We’ll make sure you know when, and where, each interview is going live. We’ll ensure your speaker is positioned the right way, and the interview has the right call to action, so your listeners can take action.
Strategic Planning

Always have the right strategy to hit your goals.

Your team will lead you in regular strategy reviews, to ensure you’ve got the best strategy at all times, and are getting the best results possible.
On-Demand Communication

Know what’s going on at all times, and get answers when you need them.

You’ll have an open line of real-time communication with your team, to discuss placements, strategy, or scheduling. You’ll know what we’re doing at all times, and have on-demand access to a team of pros who can answer your team’s questions.

The best podcast PR firm for companies who want to reach 100K+ future customers.

More praise from hosts than anyone

Hosts get pitched all the time, and most don’t respond. Hundreds have told us our communications were the best they’ve seen, or the only they’ve responded to.

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Better placement, higher acceptance rate

We consistently provide better placements, on the right shows, at a higher acceptance rate.

Client to manager ratio

We don’t believe in the typical agency model of giving each team member 10+ accounts to manage. Your dedicated team at Lemonpie is only working on a few other accounts at any time.

What clients are saying

“When I did try to work with our traditional agency, I realized quickly there was a difference. You need expertise in this space. Podcasting is its own unique channel, and we really wanted someone who knew podcasts inside and out. You took the time to understand FreshBooks and the nuances of who we were trying to reach, and what we’re all about. Every touchpoint was amazing. I remember seeing some of the emails that were sent on our behalf. And I was blown away at the care that was put into every communication touchpoint. I was proud that you were representing our people and our brand.”
I have worked with many (many) agencies of different types, and Lemonpie is the only one so far that I wholeheartedly recommend to others. They’ve consistently demonstrated a tremendous degree of professionalism and executional prowess, in addition to impressive emotional intelligence that results in me feeling very taken care of on the client side. Additionally, the few times I gave critical feedback, the feedback was rapidly and completely integrated—beyond even my (high) expectations. 10/10 would recommend.”
“Every time we had a conversation, everyone was knowledgeable. They knew their stuff. There was no BS. Everyone was transparent, and when I asked a question, the person in that field had the answer right away. I don’t know what it is, but I felt the trust right away. I felt very comfortable that I could put a lot of responsibility on the Lemonpie team’s plate to help us get where we wanted to go.

Outreach that lands in interviews, not the trash.

Hundreds of hosts have said our outreach was the best they’ve ever seen.

"Firstly, excellent outreach email! Best one I've received in a long time. I get a lot of podcast guest requests, and most are terrible. So well done. You rock!"
"This is THE BEST guest request note I've ever seen. Incredibly well done! As I'm sure you know I get a fair number of these, and they all suck!"
"I normally don't reply to pitches (I get probably 5-10 a week), but this one was good - nice job :)"
"As you can imagine, we've received lots of similar booking emails over the last few months, but yours was the best. It is an absolute masterclass! You could teach a clinic on networking, and use this email you sent me as a template :)"
"Thank you for your very effective and compelling request. This is absolutely the best PR email I have ever received! Wow!"
"I get a lot of these requests. This is the only one I've ever responded to."
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How to get started with us

Step 1

Book a call

On our intro call, we'll talk about your goals, share how our approach to Podcast PR can reach those goals, and help determine if this strategy is be effective for you.
Step 2


Once the contract is signed we set up a 1-hour kickoff call with each of the spokespeople on your team to talk through what they'd like to teach podcast listeners.
Step 3

Start interviewing

This is where the magic happens. We'll get you booked on a guaranteed number of medium to large podcasts depending your plan.
Our plan helps you build trust, raise awareness, and reach thousands of future customers on the podcasts they love.
On our intro call, we'll talk about your goals, share how our approach to Podcast PR can reach those goals, and help determine if this strategy will be effective for you.

We only work with 8 clients at a time so that we can deliver guaranteed and outsized results for everyone we work with.

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