Reach the right listeners, effortlessly.

As a Communications or PR manager, you need to get your message out to the right audience. We’ll be a self-sufficient extension to your team, and help you reach the right listeners.

Close the gap between how your company perceives itself, and how your audience sees it.

Let your audience get to know the people behind your brand.

Want to shine light on your incredible leaders? We’ll help you build their personal brand, gain followers, and build trust. And as a result, you’ll be building trust in your company’s brand.

Position your brand as an educator and market leader.

Your team is smart. Your brand is generous. 
You want to position yourselves as educators, so you can be seen as the experts in your space. We’ll help your speaker(s) deliver 
as much value as possible to listeners, 
and showcase their knowledge and expertise.

Share your story and point of view with future customers.

Podcast listeners are engaged for 30 minutes 
(or more!). So unlike with traditional media, 
you’ll have time to tell your whole origin story, 
share your points of view and expertise, and ultimately build a deep connection and affinity with listeners.

Finally, an agency you don’t have to manage.

Let’s be honest: you hire vendors to make your life easier.

But often, they end up adding more work to your plate. You spend your time making sure things don’t drop through the cracks, getting updates, and leading the strategy.
Not with us. We provide proactive strategy, constant updates, and detailed reporting. You’ll always know what’s going on, what we’re working on, and how successful the campaign is. Not only that, we guarantee our work, and you will know exactly what results we will be delivering (and by when).

What clients are saying

“When I did try to work with our traditional [PR] agency, I realized quickly there was a difference. You need expertise in this space. Podcasting is its own unique channel, and we really wanted someone who knew podcasts inside and out.”
Lindsay Lapchuk
Dir. of Communications, FreshBooks

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