Connect with the people you built your business for

As a founder, nobody can connect with potential customers like you. We’ll help you educate and empower your target audience, and connect with them by telling your story.

Connect with future customers for 30+ minutes

Tell the whole story.

Traditional media forces you to condense your story to a few paragraphs or minutes. That’s not much time to connect with your audience. With podcast interviews, you’ll have time to share the details that are important to your customers, the details that make them trust you. For example, why you started the company, your expertise on the subject, and your heart for solving their pain.

Find your voice.

Whether you’re trying to give your brand a “voice” for the first time, or test your messaging, guest placements give you time to practice and hone your messaging over time. You’ll learn what listeners resonate most, and provide your PR and marketing teams with more context around your story that they can draw from for messaging.

Teach, don't sell.

Who do you trust more, the mechanic who runs an educational YouTube channel and offers free advice, or the one who just tells you what you need? We naturally trust people who are experts. By offering insights, education and value on each interview, you’re not only helping your audience - you're building trust (and future sales) in your brand.

PR that actually works.

PR gets a bad rap. And we get it.

With some traditional PR agencies, you’ll pay a fortune only get featured in 1 "big" article. Others seem to be stuck in 2010, and just share links to press releases they write. If you've worked with agencies like this, we understand your skepticism. After all, you could've done a lot with that budget.
We'll get you guaranteed placement on your customers favorite shows, and make a direct impact on thousands of potential customers. You'll get 30+ minutes of dedicated attention to raise awareness, build trust, and move them to action.

What clients are saying

"I have worked with many (many) agencies of different types, and Lemonpie is the only one so far that I wholeheartedly recommend to others. They’ve consistently demonstrated a tremendous degree of professionalism and executional prowess, in addition to impressive emotional intelligence that results in me feeling very taken care of on the client side."
Lopa van der Mersch
Founder & CEO, Rasa

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