Why Lemonpie?

More praise on our outreach than anyone

Podcast hosts get “pitched” all the time. Some receive dozens of cold emails a day. Many of those end up in the spam folder, or the trash. Most go unanswered or ignored.

So we’re honored to say that we’ve received (literally) hundreds of unsolicited messages from podcast hosts, praising our thoughtful outreach. Many have said it’s the first they’ve ever responded to, or the best they’ve ever received. 

Here are 100+ responses we've received from hosts that you can read for yourself.

Get the most "yes’s" from the best shows

There's many quality shows you can target to reach your audience. But ultimately, you can only reach a finite amount. Our approach is simple - to get the most yes’s from the best shows by sending the best outreach.

100% focused on podcasts

There are lots of great PR agencies out there. And if you’re looking, we’re happy to make some recommendations.

But we feel podcasters are a unique community. Going on a long-form interview isn’t the same as traditional PR. It requires a unique and specialized approach. 

By staying 100% focused on being the best podcast PR agency in the world, we’re able to get the best results possible for you when you’re ready to talk to your audience on podcasts.

We're obsessed with podcasts and great communication

Erik (Founder & CEO) built Lemonpie on successful cold outreach to the likes of Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show) and Jason Calacanis (This Week in Startups). From Day 1, we’ve been committed to connecting domain experts with their future customers. 5 years later, we’re continuing to innovate and lead the industry.

We make your life easier, and make you look good

We believe we exist to take work off your plate, not give you another thing to manage. Our clients have described working with us as “a well-oiled machine”, that “just works”. 

There’s no stress of having to check in and make sure work is getting done, or worrying that projects are falling through the cracks. You’ll get frequent updates, education, and reporting. And if you need expert advice, or have a question, we’re only a Slack message away.

Better placements at a higher acceptance rate

All this results in getting you placement on the best shows in your category to hit your goals, and at the highest acceptance rate possible (higher than any other team would be able to accomplish). That’s our entire mission, plain and simple.

Start reaching future customers today

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