Podcast PR Features

Our full-service podcast tour provides everything you need to make the biggest impact possible on your audience.


Get placed on better shows (and more of them).

We’ll help you craft your message in a way that best resonates with hosts and your audience so you get placed on more shows, and reach more of your target audience.

Avoid wasting time and money talking to the wrong audience.

We’ll identify the right shows for your team to guest on, and outline what makes them right. We’ll also ensure you don’t waste time talking to the wrong audience, or getting on the wrong show.

Help your speakers stay on message, and feel comfortable.

A great podcast interview is a combination of art and science. So we’ll train your speaker or team on best practices, so they can have the best shot at giving the best interview that show has had.
Podcast Relations

Ensure hosts love your brand (not hate it).

Spammy or careless pitches hurt your brand. At best, you end up in the trash. At worst, your brand leaves a bad taste in the host’s mouth (the same mouth that’s talking to your audience). So we bend over backwards to deliver [the best communications hosts have seen], that highlight your brand, not hurt it.
Interview Planning

Make the biggest impact on listeners.

Every show your speaker will appear on is different. That’s why we prepare them for each individual interview, so that they can be the best interview that show has ever had. They’ll make the biggest impact possible on that unique audience, and you’ll see the best results.
Publishing Management

Know what stage each interview is in at all times.

We’ll make sure you know when, and where, each interview is going live. We’ll ensure your speaker is positioned the right way, and the interview has the right call to action, so your listeners can take action.
Strategic Planning

Always have the right strategy to hit your goals.

Your team will lead you in regular strategy reviews, to ensure you’ve got the best strategy at all times, and are getting the best results possible.
On-Demand Communication (via Slack)

Know what’s going on at all times. Get answers when you need them.

Add your dedicated PR team to Slack to have an open line of real-time communication with your team, to discuss placements, strategy, or scheduling. You’ll know what we’re doing at all times, and have on-demand access to a team of pros who can answer your team’s questions.

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