Outreach that lands in an interview, not the trash.

100+ unsolicited responses from podcast hosts after receiving our outreach...

"I've gotta say, you put together THE best cold outreach podcast pitch I've ever seen. Whatever [Client] is paying you, she should double it."
"I have to say, you NAILED the podcast guest pitch. I get 5-10 of these a day and 99% gets ignored simply because they don't stand out and I'm not hurting for guests."
"This is the best pitch email I’ve received for a guest. Great work with it."
"I'd love permission to feature your pitch email in my new book, as it is hands-down the best podcast pitch email I've ever received!"

"I've worked in media a while, and I have to say this is one of the best pitches I've ever received."

"Well done. Your email stood out from the hundreds of other emails I delete on a daily basis."
"A pleasure to reach such a great guest prospecting email. You closed me, I am actually going to save your email as a great example of outbound marketing."
"Just wanted to say that I was very impressed with how you and the team lined up [Client] for the show. Well done."
"What a ripper email you sent. You get me and you are extremely talented as a promotor for your client. We have had numerous promotional emails... this is simply the best."
“This guy did a GREAT job pitching you. Most of these guys don’t know jack. There’s one from a major company that cc’d all the people she was messaging. This guy… like… what kind of time are you putting into this? Of course I’m gonna read this.”
"I must say, you are really good at what you do. I'm impressed. I ran a newsroom where I regularly received pitches for stories and interviews. Your style is great..."
"I'd love permission to feature your pitch email in my new book, as it is hands-down the best podcast pitch email I've ever received!"

"This is the best PR email I have ever received."

"First, awesome email and approach. You are good! Second, are you taking new clients?"
"I really appreciate when we get pitched for the podcast in a thoughtful, intelligent way. You guys did a great job."
"Thanks so much for taking the time to write a very personalized email. I receive a lot of email pitches and yours is one of the best by far."

"I get quite a few of these unsolicited notes from PR folks with prospective guests. Yours is one of the best I've ever read."

"We only accept 5% of people who reach out like this, so well done!"
"Thank you for sending me one of the best podcast pitches I've ever received. Kudos."
"This guest pitch is the best I've ever seen. Well done."
"I was impressed by the guest pitch by the way. I might actually be a potential client for Lemonpie."
"Great pitch and wow - so much care and thought went into this. I truly appreciate it and it literally made my day."

"This was a phenomenal note. I'd love to have [Client] on the show."

"This is one of the best pitches we have seen, so we appreciate your time and effort."
"We are seriously impressed with your introduction (easily the best we've come across!)"
"That is the best pitch I've received. EVER."
"What a fantastic booking email."
"I get a ton of these types of pitches. This is easily one of the best I've ever gotten. Let's do it."

"This is by far the best outreach I've gotten in the history of the show."

"That is hands down the best "cold call" speakers proposal I have ever seen in my life. I ignore 99% of these..."
"I want to thank you for taking the time to craft such a well researched outreach message."
"Your PR skills are AH-mazing! Really though, I am going to keep this email for future reference on how to do PR well."

"This is one of the best cold pitches I've ever received for a potential guest. I get a lot of people reaching out to me and 99% I just delete."

"You have a great pitch here, I  must say."
"This is a 5 star example of the right way to pitch a guest."
"I have to say, I get 10-15 pitches a day and yours is definitely a stand out."
"I just need to start by saying your intro and pitch are unparalleled. As you can imagine, we get these requests all the time,
and yours is the best I've seen."
"Can you tell me a little more about the work you do from a booking and PR perspective for [Client]. I'm considering getting help... and clearly - you're effective."

"That is the best pitch anyone has sent me in recent memory. [Client] is lucky to have you represent him."

"Btw - you’re by far the best at what you do for your clients."
"I'm going to first start off and say- wow!! I was VERY impressed with your email outreach to me re [Client]. As you can imagine, we get cold outreach all the time. And, we ignore quite a bit of them.
But, gotta admit- you NAILED IT! Superb email!"
"I have to say, I get pitched a lot but your approach was so great."
"What a warm and professional touch you give to a cold
"Thank you so much for your incredibly considerate email. (I'm sure you realize how many crappy pitches us podcasters get!)"

"First, let me say this is the best pitch I've ever received. I hope you're charging what you're worth."

"You sure have a gorgeous work ethic. just wow. i never talk to people i don't personally know,
but i'm bending the rules here."
"That's one of the nicest pitch emails I have received (I get one almost every day)."
"Very good email and approach. I get hit up probably 10-20x per week for this sort of thing. I always delete, you were smart."

"You are amazing. Your pitch has been the best one we've received."

"This is the first good email from someone doing this task."
"I don't do a ton of interviews but I'll have a look - largely b/c yours was the only pitch in a long stream of pitches that was any good."
"Probably get 5-10 emails a day regarding potential guests and this is the only one I'm saying yes to!"
"Your introductory email was quite impressive. We receive dozens of emails from PR companies every month, and rarely does one catch our eyes."
"I get a lot of pitches for the podcast and yours has been one of the best this year."

"I'll be opening all your emails going forward."

"We receive quite a few requests from people we don't know to feature other
people we don't know on the podcast ... Yours has been the most considered and professional outreach by far."
"I wrote an article a few months ago about the best podcast pitch I've ever received, however I think you took the crown."
"I have to hand it to you -- this might be the best cold email pitch I've received."
"You set the standard for how folks should reach out!"
"I get tons of pitches and yours stands out!"

"I get a fair amount of pitches for guest appearances on the podcast, but yours is by far the best one I have ever received."

"Well... that’s just the best damned pitch I’ve ever gotten."
"Thank you for the thoughtful email. I must say I get a reasonable amount of requests from people to be on my podcast. Most of the emails are just so bad. Yours wasn't. In fact, last night I did a little workshop for students at my alma mater
about how to start a podcast or how to be a guest on a podcast. I talked about your email as an example of what to do
when reaching out."
"Thanks for reaching out. This is honestly the best podcast interview pitch I've ever received."

"I'm not looking for guests currently, however that was the greatest cold email pitch I've ever received. So you win. Please, book his time."

"Thats the best cold email I've ever got. You've got a job with me whenever you need it."
"You're one of the few people who has attempted to book a guest on my show, who has succeeded."
"I hope [Client] is paying you well because you're doing a great job of getting in front of me and piquing my interest."
"Your emails seem to make me smile without annoying me. We get so many."
"This is the best, most thoughtful pitch approach I've ever seen."

"For what it's worth, your note to me is one of the top 1% of podcast guest suggestion emails."

"Great pitch! You obviously know the way into a podcasters heart."
"This is the most amazing, kind and helpful pitch we’ve received since we’ve launched our podcast."
"So impressed with this cold outreach."
"Let me just say that your approach and effort to connect meaningfully with me was noticed, and is also a rare thing."
"I have to tell you that people should learn from you about writing an email outreach. You are awesome."

"I'd love permission to feature your pitch email in my new book, as it is hands-down the best podcast pitch email I've ever received!"

"Best email ever. Yes, I would love to interview your client."
"Well done! :) This is one of the best email I have ever received. Great job!"
"Firstly, excellent outreach email! Best one I've received in a long time. I get a lot of podcast guest requests, and most are terrible. So well done. You rock!"

"I get a lot of these requests. This is the only one I've ever responded to."

"Wow. Best approach I've seen yet to booking an interview!"
"This was one of the best pitch emails I've ever received. It was very well written."
"Best get my attention email ever!"
"Thanks for reaching out! This was one of the best pitch emails I've ever received. It was very well written."
"I receive a lot of email pitches and yours is one of the best by far."

"This is THE BEST guest request note I've ever seen. Incredibly well done! As I'm sure you know I get a fair number of these, and they all suck!"

"First of all, your podcast pitch is, hands down, the best I've ever received. So kudos to you for knowing what you're doing and how to get a podcaster's attention!! :)"
"I really appreciate you reaching out and honestly, that was one of the BEST pitch emails I have ever received (and I get a lot)."
"Thank you so much for your note, and for thinking of us. I've gotten a lot of pitches since we started, and I can say, you know how to do it right."
"I have to say as many podcast pitches as I get, this is the type of pitch I LOVE, so thank you for that."
"As you can imagine, we've received lots of similar booking emails over the last few months, but yours was the best. It is an absolute masterclass!"

"I first want to pay you a compliment! I receive loads of interview requests, but yours stands out."

"This was one of the very best guest pitches I've ever seen. Props to you!"
"This is the best pitch email I've ever read."
"Thank you for your very effective and compelling request. This is absolutely the best PR email I have ever received! Wow!"

"I normally don't reply to pitches (I get probably 5-10 a week), but this one was good - nice job :)"

"You are really good at what you do. My schedule is overloaded right now, but I may reach out to you at some point to do pitches for me."
“I absolutely LOVE your email follow up!”
“This is a fabulous pitch.”
"Thank you for such a thoughtful email! I really appreciate it!"
"Thanks for reaching out, and great pitch!"

"Wow, you really know my demo for the podcast. Your client sounds great."

"I have to admit that these are exceptionally good cold emails."
"Thanks for reaching out, and a great example of awesome cold email. :)"
"Thank you for this excellent pitch."
"I'm about to record an interview with your client. In looking over your pitch email, I thought to myself 'Wow, this is really well done.'"
"Firstly, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your email. As you might imagine, I get a few of these from time to time. :) This is the first time I can remember in which the sender actually took the time to research and listen to a recent episode. Thank you."

"Thanks for making the extra effort - you got my attention. :)"

"Thanks for your email (excellent pitch by the way!)"
"Ha! Well done! First, I want to applaud you for approaching us this way. Great job!"
"Thank you so much for your message. I do receive quite a lot of inquiries about guests, and I have to say your email was one of the nicest I have received."

"I appreciate the thoroughness of your note. Just for that reason, I am happy to have your client as a guest on the podcast."

"First off - top marks for sending a podcast guest pitch which (a) is relevant to my show, and (b) so well thought out! Thank you."
"Great email. This is why I love cold emails."
"Love this email and thanks for thinking about our listeners!"
"Somehow I never got those previous messages so I am glad you are persistent!"
"Nicely done! Great way to make a 1st impression."

"Thanks so much for reaching out! And for the lovely pitch. It's refreshing and appreciated!"

"That was a beautifully crafted pitch email. :)"

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