Be the content, not the ad.

Before they’ll buy from you, customers need to know you exist, and trust you. We'll help you raise awareness and build trust with future customers on podcasts they love.

Reach 100k+ future customers.

Talk to your customers for 30 minutes (or more).

Your audience might be scrolling past your ads or skimming your blog, but they’re listening to their favorite podcasts for hours every week while they’re in the car, cooking dinner, or working out. 

Build a new top of funnel channel quickly.

We’ll help you build an incredible top of funnel strategy, so you can start reaching potential customers who have never heard of you, and prompt consideration when they are ready to buy. They’ll leave remembering you, trusting you, and seeing you as the market leader more than the competition.

Build affinity for your brand, and trust with listeners.

Ads help get you there, brand keeps you there. By bringing value and education to your audience, you’ll be building brand recognition and trust, positioning yourself as the thought leader in your space. Being seen as the expert in your space can be your differentiator.

PR that actually works.

PR gets a bad rap. And we get it.

With some traditional PR agencies, you’ll pay a fortune only to get featured in 1 "big" article. Others seem to be stuck in 2010, and just share links to press releases they write. If you've worked with agencies like this, we understand your skepticism. After all, you could've done a lot with that budget.
We'll get you guaranteed placement on your customers favorite shows, and make a direct impact on thousands of potential customers. You'll get 30+ minutes of dedicated attention to raise awareness, build trust, and move them to action.

What clients are saying

"Working with Lemonpie has unlocked a completely new marketing channel for FreshBooks. We're seeing first hand how a thoughtful approach to podcasting has bolstered our marketing strategy, and helps us reach new audiences that we would have never considered."
Paul Cowan
CMO, FreshBooks

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