How We Helped Aitomatic Sharpen Their Brand Messaging & Connect with Potential Investors

Learn how we helped the Aitomatic team fine-tune their internal and external brand messaging while getting them in front of potential investors and over 277K+ listeners.

Knowledge-First Engine for Industrial AI

Aitomatic helps industrial companies translate their domain-specific knowledge, from natural language into ML models, so they can get to production faster with no coding required.

Led by Google, Amazon, and Apple veterans—with a combined 100 years of Panasonic Industrial-AI experience—the Aitomatic team brings a deep technical and business understanding to their customer’s challenges.

The challenge: Building brand awareness that fuels lead-generation and investor relationships

Aitomatic’s goals were to generate awareness, capture new leads, and connect with potential investors. The challenge, as a newer startup, was a lack of clarity around their brand marketing and messaging, which was crucial to building a lead gen strategy. 

How could they sharpen their narrative in order to attract potential users and partners? The first step was to tell Christopher Nguyen’s story–Aitomatic’s CEO & Co-Founder–via podcast guesting to create excitement around the brand.

Christopher’s incredible journey from Vietnam refugee to multi-tech founder set the stage for him to become an outspoken proponent and thought leader in the emerging field of AI engineering and ethical, human-centric AI. With his story, we were able to plan a strong podcast tour targeted at large business decision-makers and AI champions.

“Lemonpie has a great culture of being very interested in the client's success, which isn’t always the case with other agencies. It shows through the interaction and level of care they place into all their communication. They’re an exceptional team that is really dedicated to the cause.”

Christopher Nguyen

CEO & Co-Founder

Getting in front of industrial AI business leaders

The Aitomatic team was keen on reaching business decision-makers in large enterprises with annual revenue of $1B in the “physical” industries, as well as champions who help create AI awareness inside organizations that could be potential investors (ie. data scientists, business unit managers, academics, analysts). 

Because of this specificity, we identified and secured placements on a wide range of shows—both larger podcasts centered around data, AI, and innovation—and more niche fits in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, energy, avionics, and automotive.

With Christopher’s packed international travel schedule, we implemented a weekly digest for his team that briefs them on outstanding interviews, progress on any necessary reschedules, upcoming interviews on the calendar, and other important news from “behind the scenes” of their tour. This helped us develop a robust relationship on Slack to maintain steady asynchronous communication throughout the tour.

Results & ROI

Throughout the Aitomatic tour, we reached approximately 277K+ listeners within their target audience, who heard Christopher speak about his product and expertise for 30-60 minutes.

Not only did we help them foster relationships with investors and created awareness for their brand in the AI space, but we also helped Aitomatic fine-tune their messaging.

They found it most valuable to be able to hone in on their positioning throughout their podcast tour and were able to take excerpts from interviews to educate their team on what matters in their brand messaging. They even generated a new company tagline from their podcasting experience!


Targeted Shows


Total number of listeners reached with 30-60 minute interviews (approx.)

This podcast tour helped us refine our messaging.

"Whether you like it or not, when you put something into a formal medium like a podcast, it takes on an implied authority and pushes you to fine-tune your brand positioning and voice. Thanks to the Lemonpie team, we got very clear on how we wanted to be perceived as a brand."

Christopher Nguyen

CEO & Co-Founder

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