How We Helped Aspen Funds Drive $1,000,000+ in Investment Revenue

By reaching thousands of listeners, and building awareness and trust.

Creating a profitable, safer way to invest.

Bob Fraser and Jim Maffuccio started Aspen Funds in 2012 with one main goal: providing investors with private, passive real estate investing that offered better returns and lower volatility than the stock market. Just 8 years later they made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America.

The challenge: build brand recognition & trust.

When Aspen Funds came to us they were already generating a lot of interest and leads through other marketing channels, but weren’t getting the close rate they hoped for.

As a new company, they knew they needed to build trust and brand recognition, and be perceived as what they were - experts in their space.

Jim and Bob knew that going on podcasts was an effective way to do that, but didn’t want to DIY it because of how time intensive it would be to do it the right way. They needed a solution that was completely done for them from beginning to end, so all they needed to do was show up and talk.

"You guys make it too easy. I don’t have to think about it. It shows up on my calendar, the prep notes are there… it takes off a huge burden of time. You guys have made it super easy, to where I barely think about it."

Ben Fraser

VP of Finance
Aspen Funds

Reaching 258,000+ listeners across top-level industry shows

We started by researching who their ideal audience was, and what shows that audience was already listening to. From there we pitched the hosts, landed bookings and coordinated with their schedules.  

Ultimately we got them booked on 64+ shows where they could share their company’s story, their expertise, and bring value to the listeners.

Results & ROI

With over 64+ podcast interview bookings, we helped Aspen Funds drive over $1 million in investment revenue, added millions more to their sales pipeline, and reached approximately 699,000+ listeners in their target audience. We also helped Aspen Funds build trust with potential customers who came ready to buy as a result of listening to a podcast interview, reducing sales calls to 15 minutes. These podcast bookings also increased their brand awareness, opening up the doors for 2 speaking opportunities at industry conferences.


Targeted Shows


Total number of listeners reached with 30-60 minute interviews (approx.)

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