How We Helped Scribe Position Themselves as the Market Leader in Corporate Productivity

Learn how we helped the Scribe team build brand awareness and credibility in the corporate process and productivity space.

Helping teams do their best work

Scribe turns any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. On a mission to unleash the expert in everyone, this platform allows you to share what you know, easily and efficiently. 

Founded by Jennifer Smith and Aaron Podolny in 2019, Scribe helps teams automatically create a how-to guide, complete with screenshots, instructions, and clicks. With $30M in funding, they’ve since become a hit at hundreds of thousands of organizations from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The challenge: Telling their brand story in a one-to-many way

As a newer tech startup in the productivity space, Scribe understood the importance of building brand affinity through storytelling. They knew if they could get their story out to the public, they’d have a better shot of creating excitement around their brand and building trust with potential new customers.

After learning about the power of podcast guesting and being recommended to Lemonpie by a fellow investor, they decided to embark on their very first podcast tour with Jennifer Smith as their spokesperson.

During their onboarding process, we honed in on 3 specific goals for their podcast tour: 1) position Scribe as an innovator in the corporate productivity space; 2) drive both sign-ups to the free product and interest for the enterprise sales team; and 3) build general awareness and credibility to support enterprise deals.

“Lemonpie felt like an extended part of our marketing team. They were really helpful in thinking about how our thought leadership pieces can turn into episode hooks. They knew exactly who to target and how to adjust along the way based on who our audiences were. We really felt like we had a partner who understood and helped us think about our goals as a whole.”

Jennifer Smith

CEO & Co-Founder

Pitching the story of a former VC and consultant turned accidental CEO

With a primary target of enterprise listeners (i.e. CIOs, Chief Productivity Officers, HR leaders, and product managers) and Jennifer’s experience as a former VC, consultant, and now CEO, we were able to create a list of podcasts to pitch in various verticals. These included: business, sales, innovation, productivity, and more.

We crafted several unique pitches around Jennifer’s keen understanding of corporate processes, how she empowers people to own these processes through Scribe, and not to mention, how she closed and announced Scribe's $30M funding all while 8 months pregnant.

With Jennifer’s experience as a female leader in the tech industry, her passion for inclusivity and productivity, her strong take on what it really means to be successful, and her incredible LinkedIn presence, we had all the right ingredients for a stellar podcast guest pitch.

Results & ROI

Over the course of the Scribe tour, we helped them reach approximately 392,000+ listeners within their target audience, who heard Jennifer talk about Scribe for 30-60 minutes.

We refined our outreach messaging to double down on specific audience verticals, like sales and productivity podcasts, where Jennifer’s story was resonating best.

She was a big fan of feedback and used our team’s insights from her live interviews to refine her messaging and interview skills, and as a result, now feels even more confident with how she presents herself and her brand story to the public.

Not only was Scribe introduced to a wide range of potential customers, but the team also gathered a wealth of content from Jennifer’s podcast guesting appearances that they could then use for other purposes in their marketing and communication strategies.

Fun fact: Jennifer gave birth to her first child right as her podcast tour kicked off! If you think you’re too busy to go on a tour, this first-time mom and first-time founder can tell you otherwise. She absolutely crushed it.

Check out this interview to listen for yourself.


Targeted Shows


Total number of listeners reached with 30-60 minute interviews (approx.)

They were wonderful to work with from start to finish!

"Not only did Lemonpie understand our goals and target personas inside and out, but they knew exactly how to get hosts to respond. We got several unsolicited messages from hosts about how the Lemonpie pitches were some of the best they’ve seen in the industry.”

Jennifer Smith

CEO & Co-Founder

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