Helping Spot AI Create a Category and Reach Their Target Audience Fast

Learn how we helped the founders of Spot AI reach a wide range of niche target audiences, helping them raise awareness, create a category, and drive new revenue.

Helping companies get better data from their videos.

Spot AI builds an easy-to-use camera system that enables effortless Video Intelligence for every business. They work across verticals like car washes, auto dealerships, manufacturing and warehousing, logistics, healthcare, retail, and cannabis to help their customers know what's happening now.

They provide customers premium IP cameras at no cost, or customers can keep their current ones, because Spot AI is building software that harnesses cutting edge AI to ensure that any camera is able to help customers solve their most important business problems like improving throughput, reducing damage claims, reducing operational inefficiencies, boosting worker safety, and being able to see all of their locations from one dashboard.

Creating a category, and getting that message out to their diverse Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Spot AI’s 3 founders came to us with a number of goals. Foundationally, they wanted to create a category of “Video Intelligence”, reaching as many future customers within their ICP as possible.  They also wanted to drive brand awareness and create mid-funnel content, by putting the co-founders behind the mic to share their expertise (and thus, be seen as experts in their industry). 

In the past, they had focused on reaching 11 niche verticals, helping them understand how Spot AI could serve them. So being able to reach specific audiences within each vertical was incredibly important to them. More than that, they needed to be able to add new verticals to their target audience quickly and effectively.

The founders knew the power of podcasting, and believed it could help them get their messaging out and impact their goals. They also wanted to partner with an agency that could serve as an extension to their team, and help all 3 founders get booked on podcasts their future customers were listening to.

"Lemonpie quickly became an extension of our product marketing team. They've helped us get in front of key verticals, expand brand awareness, get our story of Video Intelligence in front of key customers, and build a pipeline of content that continues to help our sales team and marketing teams"

Matt Klingbeil

Product Marketing
Spot AI

Focusing on Tanuj’s personal journey and the future of Spot AI

After meeting with their team, a couple things stood out to us. First, they had built incredible technology. Second, their entire organization was extremely customer-centric, and it was clear the founders were dedicated to solving real problems for their customers above anything else.

Our first challenge was creating a plan to help them reach a wide range of target audiences, that included Manufacturing & Warehousing, Auto Service, Cannabis, and Healthcare. More specifically, they wanted to reach target decision makers within those verticals.

We decided that our focus for the tour should be on Tanuj’s (Spot AI’s CEO) personal story, in order to help him be as relatable as possible to all audiences. He had a knack for making complex things simple, and easy to understand, so we wanted to play to that strength. We also determined we’d need to focus our pitch around the future that Spot AI was working to bring about, rather than specific features of their technology.

And because their target audiences were so diverse, we incorporated 2 features into their plan to make sure we stayed aligned with their goals:

First, we set up monthly calls with Matt (who leads product marketing at Spot AI) so we could stay up to date on upcoming announcements, positioning pivots, press releases, and more.

Second, we added direct communication with Matt and Tanuj in Slack. This channel was where most of our communication with Tanuj happened, and he was great about giving us feedback on interviews so that we could adjust our strategy in real-time. We’d learn which conversations were the most energizing and fruitful from his perspective, and helped us continually hone the tour to make it as impactful and effective as possible, while playing to his strengths.

Overall, this plan allowed us to stay nimble and flexible throughout the engagement, which allowed us to adjust our approach throughout the engagement whenever their priorities would change. 

Results & ROI

Within days of adding a new target audience they wanted to reach, we were able to book them on the largest shows in those categories. In just 3 months, we helped them reach an estimated 46,000+ listeners in their target audiences, who listened to them for an average of 30 minutes each. Once the episodes went live, listeners started to book demo calls and talked about Spot AI in Facebook groups. They dramatically increased brand awareness, and were able to spread the word about their new category: Video Intelligence.

After a successful 3 months, the Spot AI team decided to add fellow co-founders, Rish and Sud, to the tour. This not only allowed us to expand their podcast categories, but it also helped raise the profiles of each co-founder within their specific verticals. With all 3 co-founders on the tour, Spot AI was able to leverage interviews across engineering, product, and sales.


Targeted Shows


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