Q&A: How to Create a Perfect Podcast

Answer 4 questions to come away with a solid podcasting strategy for your company. Whether this is your first or fifth show, we hope this helps you create something your audience loves.



This one is for any company who wants to start their first show, or add a second (or third, or fourth) show to their network.

Here's the tricky (but important) part: strategy is everything.

Make the wrong show, and nobody will listen. Make the right show, and they'll tune in, and share it with likeminded people.

But how do you create the right show? How do you avoid creating a podcast like your competitors, or avoid getting paralyzed by indecision?

In this episode, I discuss 4 questions you can ask about your show that will help you set a creative strategy.

Episode Highlights

Here are 2 ways people get stuck at this phase:

1) They make a "me too" show. They look around at the industry, see what others are doing, and make a show like that.


2) They get overwhelmed at ALL the possible directions they could take the show.

In our latest episode, we try to help you get "unstuck" by walking you through 4 questions.

Just answer each one, and at the end, you'll have a good direction to take your show.

Here they are:

1. Thought leadership or storytelling? Will you talk to experts, or share expertise? Or will you tell a story or do a journalistic, narrative type show?

2. Episodic or serial? Will do 1 interview or story per episode? Or will you do 1 interview or story across multiple episodes?

3. Short or long? Will 10 minute episodes do, or does it take more time to get your message across?

4. Weekly or multi-weekly? Will you launch 1 episode per week, or multiple per week?

By answering these 4 questions, you'll guide yourself into a creative strategy that - hopefully - meets your goals.

Of course, all this assumes you've determined a) what your goals are, and b) what content your audience wants to hear, before this phase.

Talk to future customers, on podcasts they love.