Adopter Media: Running Podcast Ads

Interested in running a podcast ad campaign for your service or product? Then this one's for you.

We sat down and talked with Glenn Rubenstein, founder of Adopter Media. He's facilitated over $20 million in podcast ad spend for brands, and in this episode he shares all kinds of helpful information for anyone who's interested in doing it themselves, or using an agency to do it for them.



What it costs, on average.

One of the most practical things Glenn does for you, is break down the average cost of 1,000 "listens" (or, impressions). Don't have time to listen to the full answer?

Did you know it costs about $25 per 1,000 impressions ("listens"), for a 60 second, mid-roll, baked-in ad read? You'll learn facts like that to help you craft your own campaign.

Advice for running your first "test" campaign.

If you're not sure where to start, Glenn shares a helpful blueprint:

Aim at spending $25,000, which should get you about 1,000,000 impressions. This spend should spread across 6 to 12 podcasts. And he recommends that you spend it all on a "baked-in, mid-roll".

The benefit here is that you'll get a full test to learn whether or not podcasts ads will be effective for you.

The unique value of podcast ads.

The other big takeaway is how unique podcast ads are, vs. paid ads on social. You know how if a friend recommends a restaurant, product, or service, you're automatically more inclined to try it? That's what you get to tap into with podcast ads.

If you can create a partnership with a host who really likes, uses and believes in your product, they can heartily recommend it, and listeners will trust that recommendation.

Types of placement.

Another helpful takeaway was the terminology used. You'll learn what types of ad placements there are, and what the difference is between dynamic or "baked-in" ads.

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