Huckabuy: Using Podcasting to Build SEO

Huckabuy (an SEO SaaS company) gets 20-30% of new customers through podcasts. Learn how they do it, along with the benefits podcasting has brought to their SEO campaign.



Geoff is the former SVP at Overstock, and the founder of Huckabuy, software designed to help your business increase organic traffic. Podcasting is one of the primary things he’s done to grow traffic, backlinks, and customers, and in this episode he shares how.


It started as a backlink strategy.

When Huckabuy started testing podcasting as a marketing channel, they did it primarily with a focus to increase the number of backlinks they got.

In fact, if you’re interested in learning how podcasting can play into your current SEO strategy, Geoff ends up sharing loads of helpful information towards the end of the episode.

Then inbound leads started coming in. In fact, up to 50% of their revenue has been from podcasts.

So Geoff and his team expected to increase domain authority and links. What they didn’t expect, was all the leads they’d get. He shares that roughly 20-30% of their leads come from podcasts - and that’s not accounting for all the leads that came in a different channel, but started by hearing about Huckabuy on a podcast somewhere.

Besides leads, they leveraged the episodes for more written content.

Geoff highlights three main ways podcasting has paid off for them:

  1. Supplementing their SEO strategy
  2. Increased inbound leads and sales
  3. And more written content their marketing team could use

While Huckabuy’s lead marketer was already writing a lot of great content, he didn’t have a lot of stuff from Geoff’s perspective. So whenever he did a guest interview, the marketing team was able to draw thought leadership or other content from his perspective, and turn that into written content… all without Geoff having to sit down and write anything out.

Bottom line…

If you want to hear a specific case study from a software company that used podcasting to increase leads and sales, as well as domain authority, backlinks, and as a result - organic traffic - then this one’s for you.

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