Q&A: Making The Most of Your Podcast

Most companies think if their show doesn’t lead to thousands of listeners and purchases, there’s no ROI. That couldn’t be more wrong.



Here's how most brands see a podcast fitting in with their marketing strategy:

They launch a show.

That show gets found organically across podcast platforms, by thousands of people.

Those thousands of people visit the company's website, and purchase something.

And if that doesn't happen, or doesn't happen quickly enough, there's no ROI.

Well, if you're thinking that way, you couldn't be more wrong. That's only 1 way that podcasting can be profitable for your brand. There are a lot more ways your show can be profitable for you from day 1.

In this episode, Erik and Jeremiah break down all the ways you can use your podcast to build trust, increase sales, overcome objections, and more.


Using your podcast to overcome sales objections.

If your company has a sales team, Erik shares some examples of how you can use your podcast to be a resource to them.

Turning each episode into 20-50 pieces of content.

We talk at length about how you can treat your show as your main, pillar piece of content, and derive 20-50 pieces of content from each episode.

Using your show to build trust with potential customers.

Chances are, your ideal audience is visiting your website, reading up on your product/service, and then taking time to make a decision. They're comparing you to competitors, starting a free trial, or just browsing to see what you offer. Whether your B2C or B2B, you can use your podcast to share your values and build trust in their eyes while they evaluate you.

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