ProfitWell: Building Brand Content

Huckabuy (an SEO SaaS company) gets 20-30% of new customers through podcasts. Learn how they do it, along with the benefits podcasting has brought to their SEO campaign.


Learn how ProfitWell uses podcasting (and content marketing) to grow.

ProfitWell is a SaaS company that helps subscription companies reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow subscription business. They've been super successful, and content marketing is the core of their marketing strategy.

They started with written content, and are now running multiple podcasts, a video show, and looking to more in the future. What's more, they've managed to put out all this branded content with a relatively small team.

In this episode, Patrick Campbell (founder and CEO) shares insights on how they think content, ROI, podcasting, and more. A lot of this episode focuses on the power of building your brand through content, and how ultimately, everyone will need to think of their team as a content publishing team first, and a "marketing" team second.


Content is the centerpiece of their strategy.

Patrick begins by sharing how content is the core of their marketing strategy. He shares how they began with written content and SEO, and worked to improve that over time. Then from there, they moved into podcasting and video content.

His team has gotten better and better at identifying what content their audience wants, what format they should do it in, and how to measure ROI on everything they do.

Start with 1 main channel, and add more over time.

He also advises brands to focus on 1 primary channel (whether it's a podcast, YouTube channel, or blog), and then think about how they can adapt that to other mediums. In other words, if your primary channel is written-word, think about how you can begin to adapt parts of your articles into audio or video.

How they drew inspiration from other industries.

One thing we noted quickly was how creative Patrick and his team are. Because he and his team of 6 had to learn to do a lot with a little, they would look to other industries (news and entertainment) to see how they were producing content, find things they liked, and think about how they could utilize that in ProfitWell's content.

Advice for brands that haven't started yet.

Patrick also offered great advice for any companies that haven't yet invested in content marketing. If your company hasn't really gone all-in on creating content in written, audio or video form, Patrick recommends you get started ASAP, and encourages you not to overthink it. Take a note from ProfitWell's story: start with 1 channel, work to improve it, expand to other channels, and learn as you go. It's not going to be perfect. It's not going to always be measurable. But it will be worth it.

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