Q&A: How to Get Noticed by Ideal Customers with “Case Study” Podcasts

Erik’s unedited thoughts on how your company can use the “call-out case study” style podcast.


Episode Summary

If you’d like to make your podcast even more valuable for your marketing and/or sales operation, we have an idea.

Consider adding the Call-Out Case Study format to get noticed by your ideal customers.

In this episode of BTP Unedited, Erik explains why this is one of the most valuable types of episodes you can produce. The best part — almost no one is doing it!

The idea comes from Andrew Wilkinson, founder of the design agency MetaLab and the managing partner of Tiny Capital. To get awareness for the agency when he was just starting MetaLab, he’d select a brand they wanted to work with and publish some ideas — and even mockups — for how they could improve their design. They weren’t aggressive about it, the approach was more about suggesting how the brand could do better.

This is a great way for brands to use their podcasts and start a sales conversation. Create a list of your ideal customers and create episodes showing them what you would do if you were them. And you can and should be creative and generous with your suggestions.  

For example, if you're a marketing agency or a SaaS company, there’s a very specific thing you can help with. That can be the premise of the episode, but don’t be restricted by that. The rest can cover anything you see as an opportunity to build and grow. Then put the episode together, and send it to them. Fifteen to 20 minutes of audio is likely to make more of an impression than a cold email and a link. And at the very least once you’ve published an episode like this, you’ll have a pretty unique piece of content.

Stay tuned. We’re going to eat our own dog food on this.

Top Tips From This Episode

Identify your top prospects 👉 Make a list of the top 50, 25 or even 10 accounts that you think you could help and would love to do business with.

Create a podcast episode showing your ideas 👉 Show your thoughts in an episode all about what you would do if you were them. You can take a holistic approach — it doesn't have to only be connected with your product or service. Think big!

Use your unique episode to start a sales conversation 👉 Instead of sending them a cold email or a blog post, send them the audio as a way of beginning a sales conversation. It’s very hard to build a connection with a piece of paper or an email. But 15 to 20 minutes of audio will definitely make an impression.

Talk to future customers, on podcasts they love.