Q&A: The Power of Internal Podcasting

What software they should you use? How should you host your internal show? What industries is it good for? Is it secure? All that and more, in this episode.



Internal podcasting has been around for a while, but many companies still don't know it exists. Those that do, have questions. Like, what software they should use, how they should host it, and perhaps biggest of all - is it secure? In this episode, we'll talk with JP, the Founder of Storyboard to learn more about the impact internal podcasting can have on your brand.


The lack of easy-to-use platforms has made adoption challenging… until now.

Internal podcasting has been around for a while now. JP highlights how he actually worked with a bank who had been doing it for 3 years (talk about ahead of your time!). But the problem is, all they could do was upload mp3 files to an internal Wiki  type site, which the employees had to download and listen on their phones. The content was great, but the platform was cumbersome, and not very mobile-friendly. As popularity around podcasting (and internal podcasting specifically) has grown, there are more solutions to make it simpler and easier.

Besides all this, there’s the challenge of security and safety. If companies are going to be sharing private and proprietary information, they need to know that it’s not going to be accessible to the wrong people.

It lets employees listen when they’re ready.

The first thing JP wants brands to walk away with, is increased engagement with their team.

The way that happens for most employees in corporate settings is they get called into a meeting or conference call, while they’re in the middle of actually getting work done. It disrupts them, and isn’t necessarily the right time for them to engage in the topic.

With podcasting, employees can listen when they’re ready.

The possibility for increased analytics and reporting.

Depending on the platform you use, you might be able to tell how well received your podcast is. Are people engaging in it? Listening to the end?

Now, it should be made clear that we’re not proponents or advocates of really invasive tracking or violating employee privacy. But it’s cool that by using the right platform, you at least should be able to tell - in a general way - whether employees are enjoying your show or not.

If they find it valuable, encouraging, or informative, they’re likely to keep listening, and the reporting will help you see that.

You can create more than 1 show.

If you can’t decide between doing a monthly sales-only podcast focused on delivering pertinent information, and a weekly culture-focused podcast where you bring an uplifting message from the CEO… don’t.

The beauty with internal or private podcasting is that you can create different types of shows, and run them all at the same time.

All the ways podcasting can be used, across industries.

JP shares some examples about all the different industries that can (and have) used internal podcasting to communicate more effectively with their teams. This will hopefully give you some inspiration for what your company could do.

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